Awesome photo of 3 tiny dogs in their new sweaters

Love this photo! Still amazed how you can get 3 dogs to sit on the same swing and all look at the camera and look adorable. These pups are Dani, her friends Bailey and Luna in their matching holiday sweaters.

2 thoughts on “Awesome photo of 3 tiny dogs in their new sweaters

  1. Teri

    Thx for posting. These guys are all besties. Daniella, or Dani (my baby) and Bailey have been friends for years. Luna, the fluffy puppy, is the newbie. Lots of adventures. This was taken last minute over the holidays…no treats involved…they are just very close. I love all three!!!!!!!

    1. mmDr.Doggy Post author

      That is a great photo! They all look adorable in their matching sweaters. No treats involved to keep them still I am jealous my little yorkie won’t sit still for anything.


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